Friday, October 24, 2008
Tht time of the sem
Well assignments are all due, which could only mean tht time of the sem,
Yes i talking bout finals....
My exam timetable seems to be pretty decent with 2 on each week.
But i got 2 8.30am test. Guess i be having RedBull again...
Its amazing how this sem jus zoom past....
Its a different sem, coz for once i actually do my assignment ahead of time and study well early in the sem.
Now that assignment is all done and mid term is all the thing of the past its finger cross all the way to finals..

Well all the best to those who are having their finals....

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Sunday, October 12, 2008
John Mayer: Say

Just say what you want to say.
Keep life simple.

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That time of the sem

Once again another sem is drawing to an end.
I must admit i had one of the most hectic sem..largely due to the fact that its's by far the hardest sem i have.
Not yo mention i had law this sem and i totally sux at it.
But its amazing how it's drawing to an end.
Pretty much a boring sem.
Been going out less much due the fact that most of my frens are busy working.
So most of the time is either in uni studying or spent on my car.
I spending too much time in it. Hey can't blame me it's my wife.

On a side note has anyone read the news lately?
Economic crisis is bring the world into a Global Economic Meltdown.
The new term this time around would be "bailout" Government around the world forcing to pump money into the market and buy out companies.
And not any company all those top companies.
Amazing that a well establish company like Lehman Brothers 4th largest investment bank in the US when bankrupt over night.
Russia have to close their stock market after falling 10% to 15% in early trading.
Stocks have been tumbling, well its about time. "What goes up must come down".
Then there was the fall i the crude oil price last heard at 78 USD per barrel.
Well the most amazing thing i heard so far is how AUD when from 3.2o to 2.30 against the Malaysian ringgit and 0.97 to SGD.
If this were to happen like 6 months ago i would have another 2k to 3k or more sitting in my bank.
Well what do i think about that a lot of people say is about the fall in interest rates and in the stock market while others say is the RBA trying to make the Australian market more lurcative the outside world.
Well it will be fun to see how it turn out.
Not to mention house is likely to fall up to 25% here in Perth.
Well in China there is this milk scandal causing thousand and thousand of babies suffer after having a high amount of melamine.
For thos who are interested melamine is use during test to show a high contain of protein which in large amount can lead to kidney stones and other renal failure. If you want to know more feel free to google or wiki it.

On a brighterside:

Nothing like a ice cream when ur down/bored/cold
My work/game station Logictech X-530 5.1 Speakers, Razer Copperhead Mouse and 22" Acer X223W monitor

The ultimate gaming console my Ceramic White PS3. But hardly being using it doesn't really seem to have time for it.

I have just join the darkside, my Honda Civic EK1 CXi, CXi is the lowest end model with no tacho meter, just drum on rear wheels, no power window but got an aftermarket EK9 front and back lip. So far got the car up to 155k/m (meter showing 160) on 4th gear. 2nd gear should reach 90k/m 3rd 130k/m. Not bad on a D16Y4 engine with 88kW @ 6400rpm and 144Nm @ 5000rpm stock engine. Loving every sec spent with it.

Till next time have fun and God bless Yo..

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Sunday, August 24, 2008
Since Donkey years...
Seems forever since i last blog.
So what happen since then?
Pass another 4 subjects, 8 more to go..
Went for my sis wedding,
Got a white ps3,
Got a new 22" monitor so that i could use it for my PS3,
Sold my old 19" monitor,
Got a logitech 5.1 speakers x-530
Finally sold my ipod classic,
Sold my iphone 3g which i got from upgrading my plan,
Sold my car (my eg) and got an Ek, (1 model up from the eg),

Other then that this sem seems really busy to me.
Its my hardest sem also.
Oh well no one said Uni getting any easier.

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Thursday, June 12, 2008
Linkin Park - What I've Done


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Tuesday, April 29, 2008
Miss you like crazy - Moffatts

spoke at : 12:41 AM

if life is so short - the moffatts

Back were those days....

spoke at : 12:41 AM

The Moffatts-Girl of my dreams

Brings Back Memories...

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Thursday, April 03, 2008
Sukiyaki 上を向いて歩こう Kyu Sakamoto 坂本九

Once again enjoy....a very emo-ish song..

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4 p.m Sukiyaki


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Sunday, March 23, 2008
My Love, My Passion, MY EG
It took me a while find her but i finally found my love (well for now)....
My Baby Civic

Now the inside
One Of few rare EG with Airbag
Simple design
This is where a i got all my song from....THX Marco....
JAN 95 built EG4...the few last EG Before it was replace with the EK.
The Heart my Car the D15Z2, 1.5 SOHC, 67kW @ 6000rpm , 119Nm @ 4000rpm-4000rpm
Enough said....Going out on a date with my baby for dinner...

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